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General Information

Full Name:   Treasar Trevor Adonis
Serial Number:   07-1965-029T
Rank:   Captain
Current Position:   Commanding Officer
Current Assignment:   USS WHITESTAR  NCC-54782

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Physical Appearance Attributes

Race:   Human, Caucasian
Age & Birth Date:   42  (July 29th, 2341)
Gender:   Male
Weight & Height:   163.3kg, 1.93m
Hair Color:   Brown/Gray
Eye Color:   Hazel
Body Build:   Large, Plump

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Personal & Family Information

Birth Place:   Van Nuys, CA, USA, Earth
Marital Status:   Single
Parents:   Father: Paul R. Adonis, Mother: Mildred I. Winman
Siblings:   None
Hobbies:   Anime Pornography
Personal Quote:   "I saw it first!  It's mine, mine, mine!" - Daffy Duck

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Training & Education Information

Elementary School:   Valley Beth Shalom Day School, Encino, CA, USA, Earth
Middle School:   Valley Beth Shalom Day School, Encino, CA, USA, Earth
High School:   Palmdale High School, Palmdale, CA, USA, Earth
College:   Antelope Valley College, Lancaster, CA, USA, Earth
Starfleet Academy:   Main Campus - San Francisco, California, USA, Earth
  • Major: Command Studies
  • Minor: System Operations
  • Secondary: Frugal Studies

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Promotion & Service History Record

Promotion Date/Rank:
  • 2362 - Ensign
  • 2366 - Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • 2370 - Lieutenant
  • 2374 - Lieutenant Commander
  • 2378 - Commander
  • 2381 - Captain
  • 2362-2370 - Operations Officer - USS DEFIANCE
  • 2370-2378 - Chief Operations Officer - USS DEFIANCE
  • 2378-2381 - Executive Officer - USS DEFIANCE
  • 2381-Present - Commanding Officer - USS WHITESTAR
Remarks:   July 29th, 2341 - Born in Van Nuys, California on Earth, began public schooling at age 5.

  2358 - Entered Starfleet Academy.

  2362 - Graduated Starfleet Academy and commissioned the rank of Ensign and assigned to the USS DEFIANCE as the Operations Officer on the Gamma Shift.

  2366 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Assigned as the Operations Officer on the Delta Shift.

  2370 - Promoted to Lieutenant.  Assigned as the Operations Officer on the Beta Shift.

  2374 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.  Assigned as Chief Operations Officer.

  2378 - Promoted to Commander.  Assigned as Executive Officer.

  2381 - Promoted to Captain.  Assigned to the USS WHITESTAR as Commanding Officer.

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Awards & Commendation Record

Award Date-Award:
  • None
Commendation Date/Commendation:
  • None
Remarks:   None

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Disciplinary Record

Court-Martial Date/Charges/Punishment:   None
Reprimand Date/Reason/Punishment:   None
Remarks:   None

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Medical History Record

Allergies:   None
Medical Conditions:   Migraines, Hemorrhoids
Prescriptions:   None
Physical Status:   Needs Improvement
Psychological Status:   Good
Remarks:   None

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Personal Biography

  Born on Earth on July 29th, 2341, Treasar Trevor Adonis lived with his parents in the San Fernando Valley, till his parents divorced and Treasar and his mother moved to the Antelope Valley.  Both area of Los Angeles County in Southern California.  Treasar attended school regularly and also attended college before being accepted into Starfleet Academy where he graduated in 2362, and was assigned to the USS DEFIANCE as one of the Operations Officers.  He maintained his post and position and he rose through the ranks till be became the Chief Operations Officer in 2374.  A position he held up until 2378, when he was promoted to Commander and became the Executive Officer, where he served adequately.  In 2381, he learned of a command position available in Gamma Fleet, where he applied and was approved.  Treasar was then promoted to the rank of Captain and assigned as the Commanding Officer of the USS WHITESTAR.

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