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General Information

Full Name:   Sonny Wesley Brewer
Serial Number:   07-1931-013S
Rank:   Lieutenant Commander
Current Position:   Chief Medical Officer
Current Assignment:   USS WHITESTAR  NCC-54782

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Physical Appearance Attributes

Race:   Human, Caucasian
Age & Birth Date:   61 (July 13th, 2321)
Gender:   Male
Weight & Height:   64.9kg, 1.83m
Hair Color:   Brown
Eye Color:   Brown
Body Build:   Medium, Slender

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Personal & Family Information

Birth Place:   Oconee County, GA, USA, Earth
Marital Status:   Single
Parents:   Deceased - Father: Clifford Brewer, Mother: Clara Walton
Siblings:   Brother - Lloyd F. Brewer
Hobbies:   Electronics, Fishing and Wood Working
Personal Quote:   "In space no one can hear you scream." - Alien

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Training & Education Information

Elementary School:   Anne E. West Elementary School, Atlanta, GA, USA, Earth
Middle School:   Hoke Smith Junior High School, Atlanta, GA, USA, Earth
High School:   Roosevelt High School, Atlanta, GA, USA, Earth
Medical School:   Starfleet Medical
Starfleet Academy:   Main Campus - San Francisco, California, USA, Earth
  • Major: Medical Studies
  • Minor: Biological Research
  • Secondary: Xenobiology

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Promotion & Service History Record

Promotion Date/Rank:
  • 2343 - Ensign
  • 2347 - Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • 2351 - Lieutenant
  • 2365 - Lieutenant Commander
  • 2343-2347 - Student - Starfleet Medical
  • 2347-2365 - Medical Officer - New Atlanta, Ithaca 3
  • 2365-2381 - Chief Medical Officer - New Atlanta, Ithaca 3
  • 2381-Present - Chief Medical Officer - USS WHITESTAR
Remarks:   July 13th, 2321 - Born in Oconee County, Georgia on Earth, began public school at age 5.

  2339 - Graduated high school and immediately entered Starfleet Academy.

  2343 - Graduated Starfleet Academy and commissioned the rank of Ensign and admitted into Starfleet Medical.

  2347 - Graduated Starfleet Medical and promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and assigned to New Atlanta colony on Ithaca 3 as a Medical Officer.

  2351 - Promoted to Lieutenant.

  2365 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.  Assigned as Chief Medical Officer of New Atlanta colony on Ithaca 3.

  2381 - Assigned as Chief Medical Officer of USS WHITESTAR.

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Awards & Commendation Record

Award Date-Award:
  • 2356 - Legion of Merit
Commendation Date/Commendation:
  • 2356 - Commendation by Commander Jason Vasquez for Bravery and Heroism.
Remarks:   None

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Disciplinary Record

Court-Martial Date/Charges/Punishment:   None
Reprimand Date/Reason/Punishment:   None
Remarks:   None

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Medical History Record

Allergies:   None
Medical Conditions:   None
Prescriptions:   None
Physical Status:   Good
Psychological Status:   Good
Remarks:   None

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Personal Biography

  Born on Earth on July 13th, 2321, Sonny Wesley Brewer lived with his parents and brother in and around Atlanta, Georgia till he finished high school and graduated in 2339.  Sonny applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted into the Medical curriculum, graduating in 2343 at the commissioned rank of Ensign.  He was then admitted into Starfleet Medical where he earned his M.D. in 2347 and promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.  Dr. Brewer took on the assignment of being one of the Medical Officers at the New Atlanta colony in the Ithaca system, where he served for many years.  In 2351, he was promoted to Lieutenant and following an outbreak of the Denebulan K Virus, remained behind to work on the cure till it was found, earning him the Legion of Merit award in 2356.

  As time went by and things became more routine, Dr. Brewer became interested in serving aboard a starship.  In 2365, Sonny was promoted to the Chief Medical Officer of the colony and he desire to go into space grew even more.  In 2380, Dr. Brewer made a special request that he be transferred to an available CMO position aboard a starship, and in 2381 Dr. Brewer was assigned as the Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS WHITESTAR.  An Akira Class starship protecting the Federation's interests by patrolling the Gamma Quadrant.

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