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General Information

Full Name:   Aléjandro Miguel Delgado, VII
Serial Number:   10-1982-009A
Rank:   Lieutenant Commander
Current Position:   Chief Flight Control Officer
Current Assignment:   USS INFINITI  NCC-74919

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Physical Appearance Attributes

Race:   Human, Caucasian
Age & Birth Date:   31  (October 9th, 2352)
Gender:   Male
Weight & Height:   63.5kg, 1.65m
Hair Color:   Brown
Eye Color:   Aquamarine
Body Build:   Medium, Muscular

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Personal & Family Information

Birth Place:   Auckland, New Zealand, Earth
Marital Status:   Single
Parents:   Deceased - Father: Aléjandro M. Delgado, VI, Mother: Lucinda M. Windsor
Siblings:   None
Hobbies:   Piloting and Holodeck Adventures
Personal Quote:   "Revenge is a dish that is best served cold." - Old Klingon Proverb

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Training & Education Information

Elementary School:   Private Tutor
Middle School:   Private Tutor
High School:   Private Tutor
Technical School:   None
Starfleet Academy:   Main Campus - San Francisco, CA, USA, Earth
  • Major: Flight Control Systems
  • Minor: Starfighter Piloting
  • Secondary: Temporal Studies

  Omega Sector Advanced Tactical Flight Academy

  • Advanced Flight Control Tactics
  • Advanced Starfighter Piloting

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Promotion & Service History Record

Promotion Date/Rank:
  • 2372 - Ensign
  • 2374 - Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • 2376 - Lieutenant
  • 2379 - Lieutenant Commander
  • 2372-2374 - Omega Sector Advanced Tactical Flight Academy Student - Omega Base
  • 2374-2377 - Flight Control Officer - USS EXPLORER
  • 2377-2380 - Omega Sector Advanced Tactical Flight Academy Instructor - Omega Base
  • 2380-Present - Chief Flight Control Officer - USS INFINITI
Remarks:   October 9th, 2352 - Born in Auckland, New Zealand on Earth, began private tutoring at age 3.

  2368 - Entered Starfleet Academy.

  2369 - Recruited by Omega Sector.

  2372 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy and immediately entered Omega Sector Advanced Tactical Flight Academy at the commissioned rank of Ensign.

  2374 - Graduated from the Advanced Tactical Flight Academy and commissioned the rank of Lieutenant JG.  Assigned to the USS EXPLORER as a Flight Control Officer on the Beta Shift.

  2376 - Promoted to Lieutenant.  Assigned as Chief Flight Control Officer.

  2377 - Reassigned to Advanced Tactical Flight Academy as an instructor after the believed loss of USS EXPLORER.

  2379 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

  2380 - Assigned to USS INFINITI as Chief Flight Control Officer.

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Awards & Commendation Record

Award Date-Award:
  • 2377 - Valor Cross
  • 2381 - Distinguished Flying Cross
Commendation Date/Commendation:
  • 2376 - Commendation by Captain Aeryck Arayuss for Excellent Service
  • 2377 - Commendation by Starfleet for the survival of EXPLORER's crew after abandoning ship.
  • 2381 - Commendation by Captain E.J. Carpathia for Superior Piloting Skills.
Remarks:   None

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Disciplinary Record

Court-Martial Date/Charges/Punishment:   None
Reprimand Date/Reason/Punishment:   None
Remarks:   None

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Medical History Record

Allergies:   None
Medical Conditions:   None
Prescriptions:   None
Physical Status:   Good
Psychological Status:   Good
Remarks:   None

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Personal Biography

  Born on Earth on October 9th, 2352, Aléjandro Miguel Delgado, VII lived in a mansion with his parents in Auckland, New Zealand.  He began being privately tutored at age 3.  On December 23rd, 2359 Aléjandro's parents were brutally murdered and he was placed into the care of Captain Antonio Martinelli of the Starfreighter ANTARES MAELSTROM.  He continued his private tutoring till he entered Starfleet Academy in 2368.  Upon completing his first year at the academy, Aléjandro was recruited by Omega Sector in 2369.  From that point on he was an operative.  In 2372, he graduated from Starfleet Academy at the commissioned rank of Ensign and then went directly to Omega Sector's Advanced Tactical Flight Academy on Omega Base.

  In 2374, Aléjandro graduated from the Advanced Tactical Flight Academy and was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.  He was assigned to the U.S.S. EXPLORER as the Flight Control Officer on the Beta Shift.  In 2376, he was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned as the Chief Flight Control Officer.  In late 2377,  the EXPLORER was presumed lost when it was investigating a sub-dimensional fissure and was caught in it's gravity well and brought inside.  Before the ship entered the entire crew, less it's captain, escaped in shuttles, escape pods and the Aerowing.  By remaining behind Captain Arayuss was able to use the tractor beams to push the escaping crafts out of the well to safety.  Once EXPLORER entered the fissure the anomaly collapsed and the ship was presumed lost.  Aléjandro piloting the Aerowing was able to protect the shuttles and escape pods from the hostile area to await a rescue inside a nebula that provided cover for the crew of the EXPLORER.  After two weeks of surviving the storms in the nebula and avoiding detection by hostile marauders, the crew was rescued by the USS ANTARES (NCC-61820) and taken to Omega Base for debriefing and medical evaluations.  Aléjandro. was awarded the Valor Cross and commended for his piloting skills that aided to the recovery of all hands that abandoned EXPLORER.  He was then assigned as an instructor in the Advanced Tactical Flight Academy.

  In late 2378, the EXPLORER unexpectedly appeared on the final approach vector for Omega Base.  This was a surprise to many considering the ship was believed lost.  After confirmation that it was indeed the missing vessel and that Captain Arayuss was aboard, the ship was allowed to dock.  It turned out that the fissure was an opening to a transdimensional void and Captain Arayuss came in contact with another ship stranded in there and assisted in getting the captain of that ship back to his home world, which was in the Andromeda Galaxy.  As a show of gratitude the device, used to bring the ship to the alien captain's planet and saving his son's life, was modified to remain as a functioning device integrated in EXPLORER's Main Engineering.  The device was then used to bring the ship back to the Alpha Quadrant in our galaxy in a matter of weeks.  Making it the fastest journey ever recorded between the two galaxies, and EXPLORER to have been the only Federation ship to have been to the Andromeda Galaxy.

  In 2379, Aléjandro was promoted to Lieutenant Commander as he continued as an instructor till he was contacted by Rear Admiral Arayuss in 2380, regarding the piloting of EXPLORER's sister ship, INFINITI.  He was extremely excited and boarded the first ship heading for Starbase 34, in the Gamma Quadrant.  The INFINITI has now been launched from Starbase 34, and the adventure continues...

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