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General Information

Full Name:   Louis Gregory Marino
Serial Number:   09-1974-021L
Rank:   Commander
Current Position:   Starfleet Command Training Program
Current Assignment:   Starfleet HQ, San Francisco, Earth, Sol III

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Physical Appearance Attributes

Race:   Human, Caucasian
Age & Birth Date:   43 (September 21st, 2350)
Gender:   Male
Weight & Height:   181.4kg, 1.91m
Hair Color:   Light Brown
Eye Color:   Blue
Body Build:   Large, Muscular

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Personal & Family Information

Birth Place:   Holyoke, MA, USA, Earth
Marital Status:   Married
Parents:   Father: Louis A. Marino, Mother: Nancy J. Laird (Deceased)
Siblings:   None
Hobbies:   Baseball, Politics, and Philosophy
Personal Quote:   "I don't want anybody else, when I think about you I touch myself." -DeVinyls

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Training & Education Information

Elementary School:   Cowing Elementary School, West Springfield, MA, USA, Earth
Middle School:   West Springfield Junior High School, West Springfield, MA, USA, Earth
High School:   West Springfield High School, West Springfield, MA, USA, Earth
Technical School:   None
Starfleet Academy:   Main Campus - San Francisco, California, USA, Earth
  • Major: Command Studies
  • Minor: Security Studies
  • Secondary: System Operations

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Promotion & Service History Record

Promotion Date/Rank:
  • 2372 - Ensign
  • 2374 - Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • 2376 - Lieutenant
  • 2379 - Lieutenant Commander
  • 2383 - Commander
  • 2372-2376 - Security Officer - FARGATE STATION
  • 2376-2383 - Chief Security Officer - FARGATE STATION
  • 2383-2390 - Chief of Security - STARBASE 34
  • 2390-Present - Attending Starfleet's Command Training Program
Remarks:   September 21st, 2350 - Born in Holyoke, Massachusetts on Earth, began public schooling at age 5.

  2368 - Entered Starfleet Academy.

  2372 - Graduated Starfleet Academy and commissioned the rank of Ensign and assigned to FARGATE STATION as the Security Officer on the Gamma Shift.

  2374 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Assigned as the Security Officer on the Delta Shift.

  2376 - Promoted to Lieutenant.  Assigned as the Security Officer on the Beta Shift.

  2379 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.  Assigned as Chief Security Officer.

  2383 - Promoted to Commander.  Assigned to STARBASE 34 as Chief of Security.

  2390 - Attending Starfleet's Command Training Program.


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Awards & Commendation Record

Award Date-Award:
  • 2379 - Valor Cross
Commendation Date/Commendation:
  • 2379 - Commendation by Commander Rayen El Guraan for Excellent Service
Remarks:   None

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Disciplinary Record

Court-Martial Date/Charges/Punishment:   None
Reprimand Date/Reason/Punishment:   None
Remarks:   None

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Medical History Record

Allergies:   None
Medical Conditions:   None
Prescriptions:   None
Physical Status:   Good
Psychological Status:   Good
Remarks:   None

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Personal Biography

  Born on Earth on September 21st, 2350, Louis Gregory Marino lived with his parents in central Massachusetts where he attended public school and participated on his high school football team as their Defensive Tackle.  Upon his graduation, he applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted.  Louis graduated in 2372 and was commissioned as an Ensign and assigned to the Security Team aboard FARGATE STATION, under the command of Commander Rayen El Guraan.  He served as a Security Officer during the Dominion War and his unique and successful defenses lead to many victories against the Jem-Haddar which lead to rapid promotions, and eventually becoming the Chief Security Officer.  In 2383, Louis was offered the Chief of Security position aboard STARBASE 34 in Gamma Fleet.  He graciously accepted and was promoted to the rank of Commander, making his way to the Gamma Quadrant to serve under Admiral Aeryck M. Arayuss.  It's expected that his defensive knowledge will greatly be utilized in the protection of the Federation's only Starbase in the Gamma Quadrant.  In 2390, he was accepted into Starfleet's Command Training Program.

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