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General Information

Full Name:  Jaeson Anthony Skyner
Serial Number:  12-1986-022J
Rank:  Fleet Admiral
Current Position:  Commander in Chief
Current Assignment:  Starfleet Command (Starfleet HQ)

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Physical Appearance Attributes

Race:  Human, Caucasian
Age & Birth Date:  52 (December 22, 2330)
Gender:  Male
Weight & Height:  95.3kg, 1.90m
Hair Color:  Brown
Eye Color:  Brown
Body Build:  Medium, Muscular

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Personal & Family Information

Birth Place:  Medford, OR, USA, Earth
Marital Status:  Single
Parents:  Retired - Mother: Captain Dina Skyner, Father: Commodore Russ Skyner
Siblings:  None
Hobbies:  Reading, Writing, Baseball, among others.
Personal Quote:  "Anything is Possible" - J. Skyner

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Training & Education Information

Elementary School:  Hoover Elementary, Medford, OR, USA, Earth
Middle School:  Skyridge Middle School, Camas, WA, USA, Earth
High School:  Skyview High School, Vancouver, WA, USA, Earth
Technical School:  None
Starfleet Academy: Main Campus - San Francisco, CA, USA, Earth
  • Major: Legal Studies
  • Minor: Command/Administration Studies
  • Secondary: Engineering Studies

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Promotion & Service History Record

Promotion Date/Rank:
  • 2348 - Ensign
  • 2350 - Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • 2352 - Lieutenant
  • 2355 - Lieutenant Commander
  • 2356 - Commander
  • 2362 - Captain
  • 2368 - Commodore
  • 2370 - Rear Admiral
  • 2373 - Vice Admiral
  • 2376 - Admiral
  • 2382 - Fleet Admiral
  • 2348-2350 - Asst. Engineer - USS IWO JIMA
  • 2350-2355 - Judge Advocate - Starfleet Judge Advocate General's Corps
  • 2356-2362 - Executive Officer - USS COLORADO
  • 2362-2368 - Commanding Officer - USS COLORADO
  • 2368-2369 - Commanding Officer - STARBASE 125
  • 2370-2373 - Deputy JAG - Starfleet Judge Advocate General's Corps
  • 2373-2376 - Chief of Fleet Operations - Alpha Fleet
  • 2376-2379 - Deputy CinC - Starfleet Command
  • 2379-2382 - Commander in Chief - Gamma Fleet
  • 2382-Present - Commander in Chief - Starfleet Command
Remarks: None

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Awards & Commendation Record

Award Date-Award:
  • Unknown Date - Starfleet Cross
  • Unknown Date - Legion of Merit
  • Unknown Date - Distinguished Service Cross
  • Unknown Date - Valor Cross
Commendation Date/Commendation:
  • Unknown Date - Commendation by Captain Jacob Scott for Excellent Service
  • December 2379 - Commendation by the CinC-SF for Meritorious Service
Remarks:  None

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Disciplinary Record

Court-Martial Date/Charges/Punishment:  None
Reprimand Date/Reason/Punishment:  None
Remarks:  None

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Medical History Record

Allergies:  None
Medical Conditions:  Sudden Headaches/Migraines
Prescriptions:  None
Physical Status:  Good
Psychological Status:  Good
Remarks:  None

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Personal Biography

 Born on earth on December 22, 2330,  Jaeson Anthony Skyner was always interested in Starfleet. His father, (a Commodore when he retired from Starfleet) always made sure his son was aware of the world around him. His mother was also an officer in Starfleet, a Captain who commanded the USS DETERRANCE.

 Jaeson Skyner lived on various Starfleet installations his whole life, and when he was 18, was accepted into Starfleet Academy where he would go onto to earn various degrees and graduate with honors in 2348.

 He was immediately posted onboard the USS Iwo Jima. He served there for three years as an Engineering Officer and achieved the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade after two years. After a tour on a starship, he put his law degree to use and joined Starfleet's Judge Advocate General's Corps, where he would serve for five years, making it to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

 After serving in the JAG Corps, he went onto be the XO of the USS COLORADO in early 2356 under of Captain Jake Scott, he served under Captain Scott at the rank of Commander until the Captain's retirement in June of 2362.

 After Captain Scott left the USS COLORADO, he commanded her until 2368 before the COLORADO was brought into dry-dock and scrapped. He was promoted to Commodore in late 2368 and given command of STARBASE 125. He then went on a tour as Starfleet Deputy Judge Advocate General in mid 2370 and served for four years, achieving the rank of Rear Admiral.

 In late 2373, Rear Admiral Skyner was promoted to Vice Admiral and assigned as Chief of Fleet Operations of Starfleet's Alpha Fleet. He served in this billet until 2376. In 2376, Vice Admiral Skyner was promoted to Admiral and assigned as Deputy Commander in Chief - Starfleet Command, where he received a commendation for his service.

 Admiral Skyner would serve as Deputy Commander in Chief - Starfleet Command until late 2379 when he was offered command of Gamma Fleet which he obviously accepted.  His years of service to Gamma Fleet were exemplary till 2382, when he was promoted to Fleet Admiral, and took the position of Commander in Chief - Starfleet Command.  Before Fleet Admiral Skyner took his leave of the Gamma Quadrant, he promoted Vice Admiral Arayuss to the rank of Admiral, and Commander in Chief of Gamma Fleet.  

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