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Gamma Fleet Charter :: Chapter One - General Rules

 Section 1 - Responsibilities and Duties

It is the duty of all members within Gamma Fleet to obey all Federation and Starfleet laws, as well as the directives issued by the Commander in Chief of Gamma Fleet. It is also the duty of all members to act accordingly and to uphold the highest degree of courtesy and maturity at all times.

 Section 2 - Common Courtesy

Officers should address persons below or equal to them in rank by their rank. Enlisted members should do the same. Subordinates shall acknowledge the orders of their superiors by stating "Aye, aye sir/ma'am." or "Yes sir/ma'am". When a Commodore, Admiral, General, Captain or Colonel comes on deck, all subordinates shall go to attention, the first person who notes the arrival shall shout sternly "Attention on Deck!" The superior officer shall quickly acknowledge this and set the detail at ease.

 Section 3 - Chain of Command

The Chain of Command should be followed at all times. Respectively, the Chain of Command is as follows: Your Department Head > Your Executive Officer > Your Commanding Officer > Division Commander > Chief of Fleet Operations > Deputy Commander in Chief > Commander in Chief.

 Section 4 - Transfer Requests and Resignations

  • Transfer requests and resignations should be handled via the Bureau of Personnel and Logistics under the Chief of Fleet Operations. For both transfer requests and resignations, you should notify your Commanding Officer before filing with the Bureau of Personnel and Logistics.
  • Upon the confirmation by the Chief of Fleet Operations and Commander in Chief of a resignation, the person resigning may not return to his/her position and rank again without approval of the Commander in Chief. Transfer requests and resignations may take up to 72 hours to be processed and confirmed. These requests may require the approval of the Chief of Fleet Operations and Commander in Chief.
 Section 5 - Flag Officers as Vessel Commanding Officers

No flag officer within the fleet shall serve as the sole commanding officer (or "captain") of a vessel. However, some flag officers may serve onboard Starbases or similar installations as Commanding Officer in addition to their current duties.  This does not include the rank of Commodore.

In addition, some flag officers may be embarked aboard ships and other vessels as advisors, for travel purposes, or while the ship is serving as headquarters for their command. However, they are not allowed to take command of the vessel except in an extreme emergency or when relating to their mission. If the CO is challenged for command by a flag officer, the CO should relinquish command and immediately file a complaint with the Chief of Fleet Operations or Deputy Commander in Chief.

 Section 6 - Recruiting

Recruiting should be done in a courteous and professional manner. Recruiting may be done in any public forum clearly marked as a recruiting area for Gamma Fleet. Recruiting from other fleets is strictly forbidden.

 Section 7 - Amendments to this Charter

Amendments to this Charter may be made as needed by the Commander in Chief. Thus, suggestions should be made to him.