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Gamma Fleet Charter :: Chapter Three - Fleet Staff Responsibilities

 Section 1 - Removal of Staff by the Commander in Chief

The Commander in Chief may remove any member of his staff if any staff member is not performing his/her duties, if that member has violated a rule, or for abuse of power. He may also remove members who constantly disrupt the operations of the staff due to arguments or sabotage. Any staff member convicted of a serious crime requiring banning shall be removed, also, any staff member found guilty of any crime may be removed by the Commander in Chief.

 Section 2 - Commander in Chief (CinC)

  • Shall hold the rank of Admiral.
  • Must oversee all operations of the fleet and enforce all rules equally among all members and staff members.
  • Has the power to issue directives to and to edit this Charter as needed, also has the power to grant commissions to new officers.
  • Must be the general contact officer and voice of the fleet in all external matters, however, may delegate this to others.
  • May be removed by 3/4 vote of all fleet staff members.

 Section 3 - Deputy Commander in Chief (DCinC)

  • Must hold the rank of Vice Admiral.
  • Shall aide the Commander in Chief as directed.
  • Acts as substitute for the Commander in Chief in his absence.
  • Charged with directly supervising all Administration staff.

 Section 4 - Chief of Fleet Operations (CofFO)

  • Shall hold the rank of Rear Admiral.
  • Charged with supervising Bureaus, Corps, Fleet Divisions, and Fleet Vessels, as well as creating new ones when ordered too.
  • Shall receive, review and pass on to the Commander in Chief all valid award and promotion requests.
  • May act as Commander in Chief if both the CinC and DCinC are absent, shall act as DCinC in the absence of the CinC with the actual DCinC acting as CinC.
  • Shall also perform any other duties assigned to him/her by the Commander in Chief.

 Section 5 - Division Commander(s) (DCx)

  • Shall hold the rank of Commodore.
  • Charged with supervising and advising a division of no more than five vessels within the fleet.
  • Shall take monthly reports from the Commanding Officer's within his/her division and pass them onto the Chief of Fleet Operations who will pass them onto the Commander in Chief.

 Section 6 - Commanding Officer(s) (COx)

  • Shall hold the rank of Captain or Commander (or in cases of small support vessels, Lt. Commander).
  • The Commanding Officer of a vessel is "God". His duty is to run the ship/base/installation on a day to day operations and administration basis.
  • Keep track of what is happening on board at all times.
  • Maintains discipline on the ship/base/installation, may issue reprimands and/or brig time to keep the ship in order, as well as convene summary court-martials. Must report all disciplinary measures to the JAG Corps.
  • Is the only person on board who may order weapons fired and Away Teams sent.
  • Be the final judge in all disputes on board.
  • Must file monthly ship status reports with their Division Commander, if there is not a Division Commander, then the reports shall be files with the Chief of Fleet Operations.
  • Shall report to the Division Commander.

 Section 7 - Executive Officer(s) (XOx)

  • Shall hold the rank of Commander or Lt. Commander (or in cases of small support vessels, Lieutenant).
  • Acts as Commanding Officer in his/her absence.
  • Responsible for raising shields during an imminent battle situation.
  • Keeps tabs on how the crew feels about the Commanding Officer, direct supervisor of the vessel's crew and senior staff.
  • Advises the Commanding Officer during times of both battle and diplomacy.
  • Insures the Captain's personal safety on rare occasions when the Captain must be on an Away Team.
  • Assists the Commanding Officer in any way necessary.
  • Observes all ship-to-ship communications, receiving status reports from all departments and passing them along to the Commanding Officer.