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Gamma Fleet Charter :: Chapter Five - Court-Martial's, Hearings, Offenses, Punishments, and Appeals

 Section 1 - Types of Court Martial's

For the below section, a "military judge" shall be considered the Judge Advocate General or Deputy Judge Advocate General of this fleet.

  • General Courts-Martial, consisting of– (a) a military judge and not less than five members; or (b) only a military judge or Commander in Chief of the fleet, if before the court is assembled the accused, knowing the identity of the military judge and after consultation with defense counsel, requests orally on the record or in writing a court composed only of a military judge or Commander in Chief and the military judge or Commander in Chief approves.
  • Special Courts-Martial, consisting of– (a) not less than three members; or (b) a military judge and not less than three members; or (c) only a military judge, if one has been detailed to the court, and the accused under the same conditions as those prescribed in 'General Courts-Martial' so requests.
  • Summary Courts-Martial consisting of– (a) one commissioned officer at or above the rank of Lt. Commander (or Major) (i.e. a Commanding Officer, Flag Officer, etc.); or (c) one military judge. 

 Section 2 - Court Martial's Appeals Process

If there is an appeal regarding a Summary Courts-Martial, the case shall go before a Special Courts-Martial and then a General Courts-Martial. If there is still a need for appeal, the appealing party may petition the Commander in Chief to hear the case and enter a final verdict.

If the appeal concerns a Special Courts-Martial or General Courts-Martial, it shall go to the Chief of Fleet Operations, Deputy Commander in Chief, and finally the Commander in Chief.

All cases are given up to 72 hours to decide whether or not to appeal after a verdict has been entered after the first Court-Martial. Notification of an appeal shall be filed with the Judge Advocate General.

 Section 3 - Notification of the JAG Concerning Courts-Martial's and Reprimands

The JAG should be notified of any court-martial's and reprimands held issued outside of JAG control for JAG review and records. Failure to notify and file with the JAG before the end of 72 hours after action will deem the action void.

 Section 4 - Administration of Court-Martial's and Starfleet Law & Justice

The Administration of Court Martial's shall be according to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.