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Welcome aboard the USS INFINITI:

I am Commodore E.J. Carpathia, the Commanding Officer (CO) of this fine vessel. The Executive Officer (XO) is Commander D. David Calzada. Together we command an excellent crew, with adventurous hearts that seek the unknown. Our ship is the science vessel of Gamma Fleet, so our missions are generally ones of exploration. However, we still have one of the finest squads of Starfleet Marines aboard, in case the need arises to utilize their expertise. For all of us on INFINITI, this is our family away from home. Exploring the Gamma Quadrant is why were are here, hence our ship's charter:

"To Infiniti and Beyond..."


Current Mission

The USS INFINITI has launched on it's third mission, this time the crew is on their way to Sector Epsilon so they can rendezvous with USS ORISKANY and USS WHITESTAR to deliver the new weapons that were designed by Professor Brewer, Admiral Arayuss and Major General Alderez.