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The Gamma Quadrant had in the past only been a geographical indicator for vast space far beyond the flight range of even Starfleet's best ships, especially after the closure of the Denorios Wormhole (also known as the "Bajoran" Wormhole) near the planet of Bajor. This comfortably sealed the possibility of another mass military operation such as the Dominion War against the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet.

However, this all changed almost overnight in mid 2379 when the very same anomaly, the Denorios Wormhole, opened again.

Not wanting to risk another war, and also wanting to take advantage of opportunities passed up in the past, Starfleet immediately dispatched three ships to the wormhole with orders to setup base on behalf of the United Federation of Planets thus maintaining the un-claimed portion of the Gamma Quadrant.

In early 2380, Gamma Fleet developed into a full-fledged Starfleet presence under the command of Admiral Aeryck M. Arayuss, who is responsible for exploring and defending the Gamma Quadrant on behalf of the United Federation of Planets.  It's now 2397, the USS INFINITI has returned to Starbase 34 on completion of their third mission with the USS WHITESTAR in tow, after being severely damaged on their first mission to rendezvous with USS ORISKANY in Sector Epsilon.  USS ORISKANY was towed by USS EXPLORER, the Commander in Chief's vessel, back to Starbase 34 after it's participation in the Battle of Sector Epsilon along with USS EXPLORER, USS INFINITI and USS WHITESTAR. USS SUTHERLAND has returned to Starbase 34 after successfully completing it's first mission to retrieve the abandoned vessels in Sector Epsilon and is in need of an entire new crew.  Together it is the mission of our fleet to defend the Federation's interests in the Gamma Quadrant.

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