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Mission 0 - Pre-Launch
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MGEN Alderez
Major General

Joined: 18 Mar 2005
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Location: Starbase 34
Bridge - Deck 1  Reply with quote  

Rex felt he had something to say regarding Capt Adonis, so he went to the center of Bridge and looked towards the camera as he spoke. He too met Treasar at the dinner parties at Como Carpathia's residence on SB34 and revelled in the Captain's tales of how the universe should work.

MGen Alderez: I'd like to say a few words about Captain Adonis. His unique view of the universe and how Treasar felt it should work was always entertaining to listen to. He was a respectful man, even though none of us went by our ranks while in E.J.'s place here on Starbase 34. It was always a gathering of friends, and that is exactly how we were all made to feel while we were there. I'm going to miss seeing him there at the next one and I'm sure we'll toast Treasar in his absence. May he rest in peace.

The Fleet Marine Force Commandant smiled towards Como Carpathia as he walked by and shook his hand, thanking him for the invitation to the dinner parties. Without them, he would've never gotten to know Capt Adonis. Someone the General considered a friend and a Commanding Officer who would never leave any of his Marines behind in their Starfighters to seek treasure.
Major General Rex Alderez
Fleet Marine Force Commandant, Gamma Fleet
SFMC, United Federation of Planets

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RADM Martinelli
Rear Admiral

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Location: Starbase 34
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Once MGen Alderez returned to where he was standing, Tony took it upon himself to walk to the middle of the Bridge and addressed everyone in the room as well as those watching via the broadcast and give his sentiments regarding Capt Adonis.

RAdm Martinelli: Hello everyone, as you know, I'm Rear Admiral Anthony Martinelli, Chief of Fleet Operations here in Gamma Fleet. I've known Captain Treasar Adonis for quite some time before he arrived to command Whitestar. He's always followed his orders to the letter and did everything that was expected of him. Treasar was always a good officer, which was why it wasn't an issue to give him command of our Akira Class Starship. He always put others first and even though he tended to complain a lot about feeling used, the man always did what he could to help those he cared about. As the others have stated, Captain Adonis was always fun to listen to at the Commodore's dinner parties and his presence will be missed. I for one will certainly be calling for a toast in his honor at our next one. Cheers to you Treasar, may the wind be at your back to the afterlife.

Tony looked around the room and saw that all that knew the Captain had spoken their piece regarding Treasar. He thought perhaps some members of Capt Adonis' crew may want to speak about their fallen Captain so Tony looked to the monitors where he could see the Senior Staffs of both Event Horizon and Sutherland assembled.

RAdm Martinelli: If there's anyone aboard Event Horizon or Sutherland that would like to say something about Captain Adonis, please speak up.

The Rear Admiral kept the broadcast going and made it so both vessels could see the other ship's Senior Staff. Be it on the Bridge of Sutherland, or what appeared to be the Holodeck of Event Horizon. If any of them wished to say something about Capt Adonis, now would be their time to do so.
Rear Admiral Anthony M. Martinelli
Chief of Fleet Operations, Gamma Fleet
Starfleet, United Federation of Planets

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ADM Arayuss

Joined: 17 Mar 2004
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Location: Starbase 34
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When the CinC heard from Cmdr Kee that Capt Marino had choked to death from overeating marshmallows, he shook his head in complete disgust. What a dishonorable way for anyone to die! Aeryck rose from the chair he was sitting in and returned to the center of the Bridge where the cameras and lighting could focus on him. Originally, the Admiral was going to send Sutherland onto another mission after all the abandoned vessels had been returned to SB34. But with Capt Marino dead, the ship was in need of a Commanding Officer. The CinC knew Cmdr Kee was capable of taking on the task, but Oriskany would be ready to launch as soon as it was being repaired and Capt Calzada was going to need his XO.

Adm Arayuss: I'm really sorry to hear that, James. Once all the ships there in the Zathura System are on their way back here, you're to return to Starbase 34 immediately. I'll be expecting Dr. Jovic's autopsy report as soon as she can send it over. Keep up the good work out there. If assistance is needed at anytime, don't hesitate to contact me.

The Admiral now addressed everyone watching the broadcast.

Adm Arayuss: I'd like to thank you all for tuning into this broadcast to honor the memory of Captain Treasar Adonis. Those who wish to attend the toast to the Captain in the Main Lounge here aboard Whitestar, be sure to make your intentions known to Captain Zh'Osha. I'm sure she'll welcome you aboard for the occasion before they launch on their next mission. This concludes our transmission for now. May all your journeys be free of incidents...

Aeryck looked over at RAdm Martinelli and instructed him to end the transmission throughout the Gamma Quadrant.

Adm Arayuss: Go ahead and end the transmission, Tony. We're all done here. Treasar will live on through the experiences of his ship and crew, I'm sure Pi'Lar will see to that.

The CinC looked around the Bridge and let everyone know they could leave now, if they haven't already figured out the memorial was at it's end.

Adm Arayuss: Alright folks, it's time to leave Captain Zh'Osha with her ship and her thoughts. Repair crews will be working overtime to get Whitestar ready for it's next mission, we don't need to be in their way. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.

The Admiral smiled and watched as people started filing off the Bridge. Once he was alone with Capt Zh'Osha he remained smiling as he thanked her for allowing everyone on her Bridge for the memorial of Capt Adonis. After that, Aeryck made his way to the Turbolift and went down to the Gangway and exited Whitestar. The CinC decided to head for his office on the Administration Level, he was interested in seeing the report from Dr. Jovic on how Lou came to choke to death on a blob of marshmallows in his throat. The situation was disturbing to say the least.
Admiral Aeryck M. Arayuss
Commander in Chief, Gamma Fleet
Starfleet, United Federation of Planets

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CAPT Zh'Osha

Joined: 20 Oct 2019
Posts: 59
Location: Starbase 34
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Once the service-goers had left the Bridge, Pilar stayed and lingered for just a moment. Long enough to see the 'End Transmission' from both the USS Sutherland and the Event Horizon, wherever they were, the signal was stronger than Sutherland's, that much she could pick up on with her 'Better-than-Pink-Skin-Hearing'.

Pilar sat in the Captain's Chair momentarily before deciding it was just too 'rickety' for her liking and made sure the closest repair-man also knew about it!

Capt Zh'Osha: Crewman, order the Mk... VII, this old chair just won't do... I want crew restraints and the Mk VII has them, see to it!

The Engineer nodded as he removed himself from under one of the nearby consoles and ran off to procure the needed seatbelts. Pilar headed through the Ready Room, but decided not to stay too long as she just didn't have anywhere to sit there. Slowly she made her way back onto the Starbase after around 20 solar minutes and made her way up, following those she could see. It appeared those from the Sutherland had also completed their mission and were just now beginning to enter the outer gangways that would see then eventually docking close to the Whitestar.
Captain Pi'Lar Zh'Osha
Commanding Officer, USS Whitestar

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